The Good and the Bad

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Most people would probably rather see a scene like this more often-tons of equipment just waiting to be used, and the place practically empty.
  This, unfortunately, is not the case on most days.
The photo makes the facility look incredibly spacious, (Chalk that up to good advertising) but things can get tight when you multiply the number of students in that photo, (what’s that, five?) by about, let’s just say for example, ten.     Suddenly, half the dumbells have mysteriously disappeared and an unoccupied bench has become about as easy to find as a parking spot in the commuter lot on a weekday morning (And that’s no easy task. Take it from this guy).
Just ask  Quinnipiac grad student Matt Ottulich. As a fitness center employee and gym user, he spends both his work hours and his free time in the facility. “You have to change your whole workout plan because one thing you wanna do you can’t do,” says Ottulich.
And the weights aren’t just being used, too often, say gym goers, they’re completely missing in action. “There’s missing dumbells all the time,” says Quinnipiac junior Matt Taft. “You can find dumbells behind the leg press machine.”
Well there’s still cardio, right? Wrong, say some students.
For Quinnipiac junior Sam Friedman, running on the track on the second floor of the fitness center is comparable to driving on the Merrit Parkway during rush hour.  “You get these people who will walk around and block the lanes,” he says.
Well the good news is, Quinnipiac kids, clearly, are committed to working out, and the bad news is, they all have to work around each other in order to work out.
Assistant Athletic Director for Fitness and Wellness Tammy Reilly expects this to improve as the semester progresses. Many students make fitness a part of their New Year’s Resolutions. That, combined with the rush to get in shape for spring break, packs the gym throughout the first half of the semester, says Reilly.
“That’s typically our busiest time of the year,” she says.
Quinnipiac gym goers aren’t alone. According to the Albany Herald, fitness clubs typically see a 10 to 20 percent spike in memberships during the months following the New Year.

The passing of spring break, plus an added workload usually thins the crowd of gym goers during the second half of the semester, says Reilly.

“Even if they want to, they actually have less time,” says Reilly. The new fitness center, which is supposed to open this August at the York Hill campus, is expected to alleviate the situation further.
“Now you have 1500 students up there that can potentiall work out here but won’t,” says Reilly.
Until then, Quinnipiac gym goers may just have to wait it out.

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