The first document contains a thorough overview of whey protein facts. This, I felt was important mainly because these products tend to be relatively obscure, at least from the standpoint of people who have not used them. By providing readers with hard facts about the product, I hope that I can provide a form of explanatory journalism that introduces readers who otherwise are unfamiliar with protein products to these supplements. In order to appreciate the issue being discussed in this blog post, it is important that readers understand that there is a specific science behind muscle building. Without understanding that, they cannot appreciate where discussions about protein intake comes into play when it comes to recovery-a cornerstone of any muscle building program.

The second document focuses on the issue of height to weight ratio. This serves to illustrate the situation of a source’s high school friend, who, as the post describes, ends up gaining weight in fat from protein supplements. The document is important particulary due to the fact that Kelly mentions that his friend was short, which added to the consumer’s weight-gain problem. According to that scale, Kelly’s friend, if he gained too much weight, could have been considered overweight just due to his height.

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