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The Food Factor

February 18, 2010

Which line is always the longest in the cafeteria? 

If you said Coyote Jack’s, you’ve won a free quarter pound burger. Just kidding, but according to the Quad News, you may not want one anyway, if you’re health-conscious that is.

You might even be better off going to McDonald’s. A quarter pounder has triple the amount of fat as a Big Mac.

 Okay, so what if you simply don’t eat the fast food? Maybe take the Subway approach. Nothing like a good old fashioned sandwich, right? Wrong, says Quad News. A large vedgetable sub from the rat, they say, his packed with calories, at close to a thousand.

For the record, this is not another rant against Chartwells. Quinnipiac isn’t the only campus with a shortage of healthy food.

According to USA Today, 60 percent of college students “eat too much artery-clogging saturated fat.” Furthermore, a survey cited on The, a student newspaper out of Brandeis University reported that 20 percent of college students are overweight.

College students are often limited to the less than healthy food served in university cafeterias due to a number of reasons, says Assistant Athletic Director for Fitness and Wellness Tammy Reilly. For one thing, students tend to be on a tight budget, making it difficult to load up on groceries. Time is another factor, students say. The amount of time it takes to drive to Hamden, pick up food, and drive back, to many students, just isn’t worth the trip.

“That’s something you’re gonna face no matter where you are,” says Reilly. “It’s hard to eat well, so you have to spend the extra money and seek the healthier alternatives.”

Study habits can also be tied to less than beneficial eating habits, says Reilly. For students pulling all-nighters, late meals can become a regularity, causing the pounds to add up.