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Going the Distance

March 25, 2010

At Quinnipiac, students can ignore the second factor, considering the fact that they use the facility at the Mount Carmel campus for free, but for some students, particularly those living off campus, distance can hold considerable weight.

“It actually is the factor,” says Tammy Reilly, Assistant Director for Fitness and Wellness at Quinnipiac. “If you don’t live close to where you’re gonna go, you’re just not gonna do it.”

Students at Quinnipiac, particularly those living at the York Hill campus, are encountering this obstacle.

“It’s extremely annoying on weekends, because I have to wait 20 or 30 minutes just to get to the gym,” says Andrew Merrick.

A junior, Merrick lives five minutes from campus, but ask any student living at the York Hill campus, and they’ll tell you that the commute from there to Mount Carmel is not, by any means, a short trip.

“You have to leave here like a half hour early,” says junior Mike Spinosa. “Walking to the garage is very inconvenient.”

The walk to the York Hill parking garage is more an issue during the winter, when high winds on the hill amplify the chill in the air.

“It’s like you have to mentally prepare yourself for that walk,” says Spinosa.

York Hill residents like Spinosa, a frequent gym goer, can either drive to the main campus and face a packed commuter lot, or wait anywhere from five to fifteen minutes for one of the shuttles that run between the two locations.

Brett Ainslie, a junior living in a house on New Road, doesn’t even have the second option. Living off campus, he says, has literally stopped him from going to the gym altogether.

“It’s not that much harder to drive to campus,” he says. “It just makes me not wanna come.”

A busy class schedule can add to the inconvenience.

For Kareem Gentles, another York Hill resident, going back up to York Hill after class, changing into gym clothes, and then making the trip back “is too much of a process.”

“I either go home or bring my stuff to class, which sucks because then you go to class all sweaty and shit,” says Gentles.

Gentles goes to the gym about once every three weeks.

“I went a lot more when I was on campus,” he said.