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BMI and Widgets

March 30, 2010


Ankit Marwah is the developer of the BMI Calculator Widget. Time Under Tension had the opportunity to catch up with Marwah, and he explained the use of the product, as well as what inspired him to create it.

TUT: What brought about the idea for the BMI Calculator Widget?

Marwah: I used to work with a health and wellness company and was just browsing through many sites and saw that though BMI calculators were available on many sites, there were no widgets that fitness enthusiasts could embed into their own sites and blogs, so I decided to make one myself.  I have made a number of widgets related to health and wellness.

 TUT: How is it beneficial to one’s fitness regime?

Marwah: Many people have a misconception that if they are lightweight then its good, and if they are heavy then its bad for their health. What people fail to understand it that there is a ratio between one’s weight and height that is to be maintained in order to be considered healthy. For example, a guy can be 5’5″ and weigh just 60kgs but would be considered overweight, but another guy whose 6′ and weighs 80kgs is considered normal.